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If you’ve placed an order, we’re ready to work on it typically within 30 minutes. If you have ordered power leveling, please log out so that we can log in, also make sure that you provide your information correctly. If there’s a problem with your information, we will email you.

Is my money safe? I don’t buy stuff online.

Completely safe. We use PayPal. (You’ve probably heard of PayPal somewhere.) They have a strong policy for buyer protection that means if you have a problem, they’ll lock the funds and return your money.

We’re real people and there’s nothing to hide, talk to us via chat support, or email. You can even call us, just ask for our number. In fact, that’s just what happens if you place an order because we call all new first time customers. (Make sure you give an accurate number and you’re ready for the call, we may call you in as little as two minutes. If there’s security details to verify, then we’ll do some identity screening before the call and that might extend the deadline to about 30 minutes.)

If you still got the willies about sending money online, scale down your order. E.g. instead of buying 400 iron, just get 100. This allows you to test us our delivery speed, customer service, support, etc.

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