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Guild Wars 2: Questions and Answers on the Necromancer

The Guild Wars 2 developers Isaiah "Izzy" Cartwright and Eric Flannum gave answers to various questions from players to the Necromancer. So it was interested in the player to prevent exactly how the fear effect control of the character is attacked. In addition, the developers said that fear is a state. Therefore fear is relatively easy to combat with abilities that override states. In addition, the fear effect in PvE and guild wars 2 PvP play have different maturities. Just replied to Eric and "Izzy" questions about the Minions, the companions of the Necromancers. About whether the appearance depends on the Minions of the magic of the player or from the body, from which they originated. In addition, the developers said that the companions did not arise from the bodies, and therefore dependent on the ability of the Necromancers were.

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The Q & A lists as well as questions that have nothing remotely to do with the Necromancer, and relate more to the overall game mechanics. So the question of how effects are stackable bleeding. For that, "said Izzy," that bleeding effects can be stacked up to nine times and every effect caused damage over time. All questions and answers you can read directly from ArenaNet.


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