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Guild Wars 2:Playable App announced for iPad and Smartphones

chat on the iPad or by phone in Guild Wars 2 with friends and explore the world - is this possible? Just working out the Extended Experience Team of ArenaNet, which converts the game world of Guild Wars 2 for the mobile devices. But with these rudimentary ways to give the developers is far from satisfied.

ArenaNet has announced at this year's Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, the mobile Guild Wars 2. A whole team was currently engaged in the Guild Wars 2 World for iPad and implement smart phones. Although the project of the Extended Experience team was not yet complete, the developers believe that your future managed your friends list, your friend follows on the card or let them send messages. You may also explore your character with the world. All this while your sitting in the car on the way to work or take a sun bath in the park.
As game designers, according to Colin Johanson further reports, the work of the Extended Experience team so far done. Even before the official release of Guild Wars 2 will more features to the mobile MMORPG version be available.
What can offer playful ways the App for the iPad and smartphones really and how it enriches the gaming experience is still not in sight.

How your mobile is for Guild Wars 2? Can you continuous access to the virtual world you would rather get something out, or preferably a quiet round on their home PC?

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